Thursday, 25 September 2014

Protective Styles | The tuck in bun

A few weeks ago I dried my hair using the tension method,  and put my hair in a huge tuck in bun, which I absolutely loved.


1. Stretched hair
2. Used an old stocking to define the size of my bun, very similar to my approach on the 'Huge Messy Bun'
3. Then I made sections and started tucking in my hair toward the centre of the bun and secured it with a bobby pin.

The Results are below:

What protective styles have you been wearing lately?

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wash Day | 7 Weeks Post

This week’s washday was pretty standard.

    (1) Pre poo with coconut oil for 15 minutes

   (2) Shampoo hair with ORS HaiRepair Shampoo

   (3) DC with ORS Replenishing Conditioner for 30 mins

   (4) Rinsed and t-shirt dried hair

I have fallen in love with ORS HaiRepair Conditioner, so I went out to get more, when my wash day came, little to my horror, I had picked the shampoo and not the conditioner :x :x :x, when did I discover this, after I made a ‘conditioner’ mix
with my oils… oh this world! I was happy I didn’t discover this after it had been on my hair for 30 mins, but I needed to blame someone, it’s clearly not my fault for picking the wrong bottle, ORS should not have made them soooooo similar…yes let’s blame ORS :D (peace has been restored) ok back to the wash day

This week I was feeling the straight hair look, so I added some leave in conditioner and heat protectant and dried by hair on cool

Afterwards, I straightened my hair at 200 degrees and decided it was a great day for a length check.

Am happy with the overall health of my hair, though the spend of growth, ok let's not get there. Also on a side noted new found love no.2 is shea butter, why haven't you ladies forced me to use it.....

Also have been away for a while, had my mother visiting so we were busy doing the tourist stuff

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies!

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