Friday, 13 January 2017

Hair | 2 years Post Relaxer

I have been MIA for the longest of times. I am still on my hair journey, and my hair is making great progress. I am not officially 2 year post relaxer, and 1 year into being fully natural!

1 year hair growth progress

I haven’t had too much change in my routine. I keep my wash day’s weekly, and the process is pretty much the same:
1. Sulphate-free Shampoo
2. Deep Conditioning
3. Leave in and Moisturising
4. Protective style

Other routines I have taken up are:
Clay treatment: I have used Bentonite clay, and will be trying out Rhassouls clay as well. I plan on carrying out a monthly clay treatment, as I love the way my hair looks and feels after the treatment and is a great way of getting rid of build up. It can get a bit messy though.

Clay treatment

Long term protective styling: I have recently improved on my flat twist with extension application and have been installing protective styles that last me for 2 weeks, as such, my wash days have moved to every fortnight, it's been working really well with me over the colder winter period

Shea butter and coconut: I have been using shea butter whipped with coconut, this has been a lifesaver for me in keeping my hair moisturised. I have also found that whipping shea butter makes it much easier to use.

Shea butter and coconut oil whipped butter

I have been enjoying the simplistic life that my hair has adopted, and I feel as though I am now in my stride and I don't have to actively think about my hair. Caring for it has become second nature to me.

When life changes, I just adapt around the change. My hopes for this year is to carry on retaining length and volume. I will maintain my protective styling till the end of winter and enjoy some twist out and high buns in the summer.

What are your hair goals for 2017?

Happy Hair Journeys :-)