Monday, 14 September 2015

8 months | Wedding Edition

The weekend just gone I was torn in the middle, as I had 2 weddings in 2 cities starting an hour apart.

Yes, I could have just declined one wedding, but what do you do if they are all your childhood friends!!

So after weeks of thinking, I opted to go to the church in Leceister (just over an hour away from London each way) and finish off with the London wedding.

So this is how I styled my hair. This was from a wash and go.

Side puff with a cute accessory.

Cute message in the ladies bathrooms 

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)

The #WashDayExperience Badge

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Wash Day | Colour edition

The Wash Day Experience

So let me start by thanking you all for the great advise and suggestions you left me on my last post. I have left my shampoo on the top shelf and have been toying around with some conditioners for my co-washes!!

This week I washed my hair twice, once to add colour to my hair, and the other time for a real wash day, pre-poo and all!

The colour that I used was Dark & Lovely Magic Plum

I didn't want to be too daring, it was either this one (Magic Plum) or Henna, but the Henna I got had 'Saffron' all over it, the idea of an intense red colour scared me off.....this time.

I followed the instructions and this is the colour that came out 

It was really hard to get the colour on camera. When I look into the mirror the colour is more intense than this, but when I grab the camera to capture it, it all goes into hiding. But can't complain I love the colour.

For my wash day I prepooed with coconut oil and wheat germ oil (hate the smell), co-washed with Tresemme Naturals conditioner and DCed with Aunt Jackie's conditioner and more wheat germ oil.

The style of the day was a wash a go, loved it!

There you have it my wash day diaries, from last week!

How was your last wash day?

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

7 month | Transition Update

I have now officially passed my 7 month mark in my hair transition. ***confetti***

The good points

My hair has not been very difficult to handle. I wash my hair once a week, using method shown below:

Shampoo >>> DC >>> Detangle hair with Leave in >> Twist hair >> Air Dry

I have completely cut off the prepoo stage in my wash days. I do moisturise my hair at least every other day, and as I generally re-twist my hair the night before, I can sometimes moisturises my hair every day. Another step I have cut off is sealing my hair with an oil.

Over 2 weeks ago, I did notice my hair was dull and dry, and for this wash day I did prepoo my hair:

  1. Prepooed with coconut oil
  2. Shampooed with ORS HaiRepair Shampoo
  3. DC with ORS Replenshing Conditioner, with coconut oil
  4. Leave in, detangled and twist.

My hair felt clean and moisturised that week, so I know prepooing is really beneficial to stop the shampoo from stripping my hair dry.

The reason I have cut off pre-pooing and sealing steps in my regimen is due to laziness.

Last wash day I also measured my new growth, I can now tell where my texlaxed hair ends and my new growth begin. My NG is measuring at 7cm. ***more confetti** I was excited as I now know the rate at which my hair grows >> 1cm each month.

The not so good side

 I have been getting frustrated with the state of my texlaxed hair especially when I have a braid out or I wear my hair in twists, the ends are frizzy and ‘straight’ (see picture below) I am continuously trimming the ends to get more of a curly end, it’s ok for a while, then goes back to its frizzy ‘straight’ self…..I hope when am fully natural this will not be an issue, as I will constantly be trimming my hair….
You can see the state of my ends

I have really been feeling like cutting off my texlaxed hair due to the issues above, but let me not kid myself, 7cm is too short for my liking **vanity**. Also the longer I transition the more likely I will retain the majority of my growth, as the split ends affect my texlaxed hair.

Am dying for your suggestions for my dry fizzy texlaxed ends?

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)