Thursday, 10 September 2015

Wash Day | Colour edition

The Wash Day Experience

So let me start by thanking you all for the great advise and suggestions you left me on my last post. I have left my shampoo on the top shelf and have been toying around with some conditioners for my co-washes!!

This week I washed my hair twice, once to add colour to my hair, and the other time for a real wash day, pre-poo and all!

The colour that I used was Dark & Lovely Magic Plum

I didn't want to be too daring, it was either this one (Magic Plum) or Henna, but the Henna I got had 'Saffron' all over it, the idea of an intense red colour scared me off.....this time.

I followed the instructions and this is the colour that came out 

It was really hard to get the colour on camera. When I look into the mirror the colour is more intense than this, but when I grab the camera to capture it, it all goes into hiding. But can't complain I love the colour.

For my wash day I prepooed with coconut oil and wheat germ oil (hate the smell), co-washed with Tresemme Naturals conditioner and DCed with Aunt Jackie's conditioner and more wheat germ oil.

The style of the day was a wash a go, loved it!

There you have it my wash day diaries, from last week!

How was your last wash day?

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)


  1. wow! love the keeps tempting me to do mine. (Singing-this na temptation in psquare's voice)

  2. Your pulled-back wash n go is very pretty. What I see of the colour is really cool. Nice colour choice, I can only imagine how it is in person.
    I'm on the lookout for a good temporary colour or even one of those semi permanent, out-in-6-to-8-washes systems.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I was looking for a temporary colour too, and then this happened!! Hehe

  3. This color is sooo pretty! I love the way that it gives the ends of your curls dimension. I think that this is going to look beautiful as your hair grows out!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @

    1. Thanks KLP! I can't wait to see how it looks with growth!

  4. Great colour! I noticed you used permanent colour, does your hair get dryer faster than normal?

  5. Great color option. Your hair looks amazing.