Monday, 27 October 2014

During my Hiatus

During my hiatus I have been playing around with my new wig.

I recently got 12” extensions made into a wig and was not really happy with the results here , this error cost me almost £100 ($160). A friend of mine was travelling to Ghana and offered to get my wig redone for me at the fraction of the price £25 ($40). I had nothing to lose. When the wig came back, oh I was very happy, it’s the best wig I have owned (only have 1 other wig which is synthetic)

So I have been protective styling with my wig for the last 3 weeks and now I am 12 weeks post.
I do obviously have my concerns regarding wig wearing. The wig I have does not have combs but has a headband on the inside that secures it in place, first concern will this affect the hairline towards my side and nape where it rests on.

Then my second concern is: will I get lazy on my hair journey because my hair is now under my wig constantly (3 weeks now)

My first concern….I will sadly have to wait and see, the head band is not too tight and it seats on my wig cap so am hoping there will be minimal damage on that part.

My second concern…well…I really just have to keep a solid time table on my wash days and M&S (I have been very lazy on M&S recently)

So far so good, I was very self-conscious when I first worn my wig to work….this is the first time I have even worn a wig to work, and oh my I get enough questions about my texlaxed hair, everyone was double taking when I came in with bouncy curls or just loose hair (I protective style 100% when am at work, so my hair is always tied up)

My plan for the rest of the year is to protective-style, and try to stretch my relaxer to 22 weeks (10 weeks to go) and touch up just before my 2nd hair-anniversary and a few weeks shy of my wedding date (the hopes for BSL hair for my big day are still alive)
Here are a few pictures of my wig

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wash Day | 8 Weeks Post

My wash days are getting more and more simple.

This week I DC on dry hair, this is how it went

1) Mixed Aunt Jackie's Conditioner with coconut oil and a Rosemary infused oil mix my soon to be sister in law got me, looks very interesting. DCed for 2 hours.

2) Shampooed my hair with a natural soap bar I got a few months ago, Nettle and Marshmallow root shampoo bar...still not sure about this one.

3) Rinsed hair and t-shirt dried it for 30 mins

4) Made a moisturiser with

i) Coconut oil
ii) Shea butter
iii) almond oil
iv) Elast QP leave in conditioner

This has been keeping my hair super moisturised lately and really loving it.

I left my hair to air dry for the rest of the day, with 8 twists, I on Sunday I tried to wear a twist out, but hot mess! so pinned it up into a faux TWA hehe, don't kill a girl for trying!

How was your wash day?

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