Friday, 16 May 2014

Fitness Friday| Exercising with the summer heat

I absolutely love the summer, they just makes me a happier person!

However, I have noticed that it has become hard for me to do my exercises the warmer it is getting. I tend to wake up so exhausted and drained unlike during the winter months, and I know it’s mostly due to not taking in enough water. These are the five things I have been doing to keep me going.

1.       Keep hydrated – water intake has to be increased during summer.

2.       Exercising during the cooler part of the day – This is can either be early in the morning, or during the cooler evenings.

3.       Ease yourself in – At my jogging peek in the cooler winter months I was doing 6K every 3 times a week, I have dropped this down to 3-4K and having more walks to slowly build myself up for the season.

4.       Wear appropriate gear – During winter the more clothing you have the better, now with the warmer temperature the less I have on the better

5.       Know when to stop – It will only get warmer (I hope!) if you feel the headaches coming on and the light-headedness coming, don’t be a hero take it easy. Heat stress, hydration, heat stroke are all soooooo real, prevent is better than cure! Not only with your body been torn down, but it will affect you mentally.

Happy Fitness Friday! :o)
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‘If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies in yourself.’ – American Indian proverb


  1. Great post hun! Knowing when to stop is very important.

  2. Good post! The warm weather has the opposite effect on me, I'm like LET ME AT EM! But its true that you absolutely have to drink enough water!