Tuesday, 3 June 2014

June Goals

May Review
1. Continue not using heat (on a 6 month challenge 4 months down) - Pass
2. Weekly protective styling - Pass
3. Read one book this month - Fail
4. Perfect my head stand - Fail

June Setting

1.    Continue not using heat (on a 6 month challenge 5 months down)

2.    Weekly protective styling

3.       Pre-poo with coconut oil – Hairlista coconut oil challenge

4.       Start swimming

Hope your goals were more successful than mine.

Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies!

‘The most successful people are those who are good at plan B’ – James Yorke


  1. I am also on a now heat challenges, I have 2 months left.

  2. Congrats on making it to 4 months without heat. I don't think I've ever gone longer than that but would be interesting to try x

    1. Give it a try, am amazed I have gotten this far too! Hope I can see the difference when it comes to length check time :D

  3. You accomplished some, congratulations :)

  4. Good job making it heat free this long! That's usually a hard one. Good luck with your goals this month!

    1. Thanks! I didn't think I would last this long. One more month! Let's see