Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Wash Day | 13 Weeks Post...and counting

My wash days have been getting shorter and shorter, this week went something like this

1. Shampooed my hair with Creme of Nature Shampoo twice

2. DC with Auntie Jackies Conditioner

3. Rinsed and t-shirt dried my hair

4. Left it to air dry, there finished it off with a cool blow drier

5. Moisturised with a mix of shea butter and Elasta QP.

I have been wigging for the last 3 weeks so I prepared by hair underneath for the week ahead.

During my detangling process I did have a few too many SSK, I tried being patient and detangle as thoroughly as I could. Team SSK really sent me a message to make sure I moisturise my new growth better going forward or else :x .... noted team SSK!

I made the parting where my closure parting would sit

Another week in the wig

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :)

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  1. I definitely feel you on the SSKs, Yvonne, I hope I can get better at keeping them under control. I'm tired of having to grab the shears. :)

  2. What a nifty way to part your hair, it enhances the look. SSKs are the devil, I've just learnt to accept them as long as they aren't too many.

  3. Send a similar wig for me pls. I absolutely love this wig on you.
    SSK have been trying to take over my life if i dont stretch my NG on wash days

  4. You just reminded me about getting my wig. I love yours.

  5. I'm also struggling with SSKs but hope things will get better. Love that wig!