Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wash Day | 17 Weeks Posts – Where has the time gone?!

Hello ladies, another lovely Wednesday, am psyched to be on the weekly link up with SoS and JGA and a whole lot of other lovely ladies sharing our wash day experience. This wash day link up is filled with so much positivity!

My wash days have been relatively similar and very simple. On a weekly basis they look more and more like this:

1. Jump in shower with braided hair from my wigging during the week

2 Shampoo using a non sulphate shampoo, my choice this week was creme of nature Argan oil moisture and shine Shampoo

3. DC while still in shower for 10 mins with Aunt Jackies Moisturising Conditioner.

With the conditioner still in my hair, I detangle it, with a wide tooth comb.

4. As I  rinsing out the DC, I glide my comb in the direction of the water to further detangle my hair.

'Oh no', I hear you say 'manipulating your hair when it's at it's weakest (soaking wet)' 

I kid you not this has helped me get to 18 weeks post, but time will tell! 

I then t-shirt dry my hair then M&S and braid hair for next week wig session.

Who is this!!!

And there you have it, a full wash day in under 1 hour!

But let me add a picture of my hair just to keep you assured (and myself :D), that I still have hair under this wig.

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o) 

'That breath that you just took....that's a gift' - Rob Bell


  1. Love the wig. The other day I was thinking "darn I wish I had a wig to throw on my head"

  2. Look at you looking so cute with the wig.

  3. Ah! I love that updo! And I'm so jealous of your easy breezy wash day! :)
    This wig is so cute, by the way. I have being eyeing a wig myself at the beauty supply store. Not sure if I should go for one with or without bangs.

  4. Beautiful volume of hair. Love the updo!

  5. Love your accessories and yay for an easy wash day!

  6. I love how you styled your hair. Cute accessories

  7. Love the wig! You look so different with it almost didn't recognise you at first!