Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Wash Day | 'Tis the wash day before the touch up

Happy New Year's Eve (eve) day!

Hope you all are enjoying the last few days of 2014, and excited for what 2015 will hope.

My last wash day was protein protein protein.

You know how simple my wash days are getting

1. Dry DC using ORS Replenishing Conditioner for 15 mins

2. Shampoo hair with Creme of Argan Shampoo

3. Detangled and applied Elasta QP heat protectant and Elasta QP Leave in Conditioner

I blow dried my hair and then straightened it.

Straightening took a long while and at 21 weeks post, I have a lot of growth. My results are below, can wait to touch up my new growth.

I have been seriously considering corrective relaxing my under processed hair, I mean do you see the bone straight ends in the picture!

After blow drying my hair, it shrinks ti neck length

Straightened hair, with born straight ends

Happy Hair Journey's Ladies and an even more blessed New Year! :o)


  1. Wow Yvonne your hair has gotten so long! And I feel you on the shrinkage. It is too real! LOL!

  2. Your hair is looking great Yvonne x

  3. Have a blessed year, Yvonne! I wish you more length for the next year!

  4. Shrinkage is the DEVIL girl! Every time that my hubby sees my freshly washed hair, he always asks if I cut it!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  5. You have some serious shrinkage. You hair looks great. Cant wait to see your relaxer touch up