Thursday, 25 December 2014

Wash Day | 20 Weeks Post - Last Wash of the Year

Merry Xmas ladies, another lovely Wednesday, join the weekly link up with SoS and JGA and a whole lot of other lovely ladies sharing our wash day experience.

This week my hair has been a hot mess, I ditched the wig and have been wearing my own curls. Twist outs, BKO. It's so good having the hair back out! 

My wash day went like this:

1. Dry DC using ORS Replenshing Conditioner for 15 mins.

2 Shampoo using a non sulphate shampoo, my choice this week was ORS Hairepair Shampoo

3. As I  rinsing out the DC, 
I then t-shirt dry my hair then I sprayed Aussie Miracle leave in Conditioner, detangled my hair and wore it in its shrinkage state. 

The next time I tried a twist out but it just looked super puffy without structure, you know when you can see people's eyes going straight to your hair and you get those questions like 'Have you already closed for work?' 

Anyway I now have my hair in 2 flat twists, no one has asked me where am going since! 

Merry Xmas and Happy Hair Journeys!


  1. I love simple hairstyles - they never look anything but good. Also, your makeup is wonderful in this pic.

  2. I absolutely love your updos!