Friday, 26 December 2014

Beauty | Protecting your Nails

When I remove my nail polish my nails hurt, and they can hurt for a day at least. The pain subdues after placing another nail polish coat.

I never thought anything of it, but after doing some reading I have realised what my problem and solution is: 

A good protein rich Base Coat!

We all know how important protein is for our hair, imagine my nails are also crying out for protein.

I always use a top nail polish coat, but never use a Base Coat 

Benefits of a Base Coat

1. Promote nail health (strength and growth)

2. Provides smooth base for nail polish base

3.Avoids chipped nails

4. Protects you nails from being coated in bright colours

So one new products on my Xmas sales wish-list is the Essie Protein Base Coat , Cuticle conditioner and an organic nail polish remover.

In the maintain here is my (un- base coated) Xmas nail colour Rimmel in colour 'It's a Scorcher' RRP 3,69 GBP

From left: Top Coat - Clear, Colour 'It's a Scrocher'

It's a Scrocher

What nail treatments do you swear by?

Happy Holidays Ladies


  1. Interesting post Yvonne. My nails are usually pretty tough but I think that might be because I don't wear nail polish too often so I just wear a regular base coat when I do. I love that shade, it's so pretty x

  2. Your nails are beautiful. I hardly wear a base coat on my nails, i think the amount of milk i drink helps keep them hard and stops breakage. This was an interesting read.