Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Wash Day | Braids Edition

The Wash Day Experience

I have been in twists for the last month. I am enjoying the low maintenance of them.

I am currently washing them once every 2 weeks, and moisturise in between, but not enough.

My wash day was relatively simple:

1. Shampoo with Creme of Argan Shampoo

2. Condition with Herbal Essence Honey Conditioner

3. Towel dried my hair for 1 hour

4. Left it to air dry for the rest of the day

5. M&S with Olive Oil moisturising cream

6. Fixed my hair line with some gel and wrapped my hair for the night.

That was pretty much it.

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)

It was Mothering Sunday this weekend, so in light of that I leave you with a Mother's day quote, and Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!

'It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't' - Barbara Kingsolver


  1. That CON shampoo is next on my to buy list:) Braids wash days are such a breeze love them!

  2. I think am about to go on a CON product haul. So far I've used the moisturizing milk masque and the perfect 7 leave in and I've loved them both. The shampoo and conditioner are on my radar!

  3. About how long does it take for your twists to dry?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands