Thursday, 4 June 2015

Transition| Week 0-21 Post

This week has marked the start of my 5th month (21 weeks) into my transition. Having been able to stretch my relaxer up to 23 weeks, this is really just as good as stretching my relaxer.

I have not really been experimenting a great deal with my hair at all. It is currently at a very weird length, and I cannot do much with it except twist outs. Everything else requires lots of gel and hair pins.

At this stage as my tex-lax hair is very 'under-processed'; I cannot tell how much new growth I have, it almost feels like am at 9-12 weeks post relaxer.

I am currently using 3 products on my hair, 2 products from Lush, a honey shampoo bar 'Honey I washed my hair' and a Hair moisturiser 'R&B Moisturiser' which I got in Paris, however, these are also stocked in London. This has been the most expensive natural based moisturiser I have got, and I really hope my hair loves me for it.

My new goodies!

My all time favourite conditioner removes the same ORS Replenshing Conditioner, and ORS HaiRepair Conditioner.

The plan for the next 20 weeks, is it get a professional haircut, currently, my hair is here, there, everywhere, with my DIY attempts are cutting it a few weeks ago.

I find I have stray hairs in all directions that I am constantly cutting off my hair almost every fortnight. So, I  am currently on operation 'find a stylist in London' or long term proactive style my hair.

Freshly washed hair with my Lush goodies

Looking around it really does look like so many people are on transitions and BCing everywhere.
Out any about with my Wash n Go

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies :o)


  1. I love your hair Yvonne, so pretty x

  2. Your transisition seems to be going great. Looking forward to more updates