Friday, 19 June 2015

Week 23 Post | Texture Shots

As my hair continues to grow, I can now finally see the difference between my tex-laxed hair and my new growth.

It has taken me up to 5 months post relaxer to see the difference.

The back of my head has a tight kinky texture

The back of my hair is a tightly coiled

The crown has a more defined zig-zag pattern

The blue line is where my tex-laxed meets my NG

The sides and the front of my hair also has a kink but much looser than then back of my head

Very loose coil

The difference between my previously relaxed hair and my new growth
The line of dermacation


My ‘curl’ pattern is a 4C


Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)


  1. I can see the difference too. I think long transitioning is the best thing to do. My big chop did not go too well. I had no idea what to do with such short hair. I have 4c that likes to be left alone. Lol!
    Happy weekend, love!

  2. I always find it amazing how different parts of our hair have different hair patterns. There is a clear difference for sure.