Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wash Day | Something New

The Wash Day Experience

For this week’s wash day experience with Jeni and KLP, I am featuring a new style - I will admit I got a bit confused last week and started writing up on 'Something New' instead of 'Something Old', my post ended up being an Old and New hybrid!

For this wash day edition, my routine was.......I skipped the 'wash' in wash day. As I have a long term protective style I only 'wash' my scalp every fortnight....don't judge me (",)

So my 'wash day' was:

1. Using wet cotton face pads, I wiped down the lines of my braids.

2. Moisturiser - Spray water on my cornrow and then used ORS HaiRepair Intense Moisture Creme and Baobab Oil

3. Styling - I divided my hair in 3 - in the sides and some hair left for the hump on the top.

I twisted the two sides of my hair and pinned it down at the back, then 'humped' and pinned downed my front hair and -  Tada

    Tamed Crotchet Braids

    All my bobby pins are somewhere in this hair

    Quick and simple

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    Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)

    How was your wash day?


    1. Yayyyy to dry wash days! It can be a bit of a nightmare washing your hair in crochet braids, as it takes forever for the cornrows to dry. How are you finding the baobab oil?

      1. You can say that again, about cornrow drying time. I'll have to try the baobab oil without the braids to say really, the smell I don't care for, but it doesn't last too long!

    2. Nice hairstyle. It would be great to read a post on how you wash in crochet braids.

      1. Thanks Joie, I'll do a more detailed post on my next wash day

    3. Your hair is soo cute! I did a tuck and pin style this week too! Great minds think alike. Non-hair related: can I get a hi-five for that glam doll face?!? You betta werk girl!

      Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

      KLP @

      1. Thanks KLP! Great minds indeed! Cyber hi-five!!!

    4. Love, love the style and your makeup is on point.