Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Hair | My 2016 Hair Plans and Reflection

Time to reflect

Hi ladies, it feels like I have been on and off again, can’t believe we are pretty much in April, did we not just start 2016, and Spring is now around the corner (I see you Spring)!!
I have had time to stop and reflect on my hair journey. It feels like I have been on so many ‘journeys’. Started off trying to get long relaxed hair, then I learnt about texlaxing (deliberately under processing my relaxer touch ups) I absolutely loved the thickness that my hair had, then came my natural hair journey.
I have had so many mixed feels with my natural hair, but I do really like it. I have decided to work on growing out and retain as much length as possible over 2016 and beyond. What will be success for me…being able to use my own hair to braid a crown braid. I think that will put me at shoulder length or APL.

flash back Friday!!

So, what has been happening with my hair lately? I am still protecting my ends using wigs, (last post).

My usual weekly and daily routine remains the same, (with a few new products):

Weekly routine

    1. Pre-poo – with Wheat germ Oil – I will finger detangle my hair at this point
    2. Shampoo – with Herbal Essence Butter Me Shampoo (loving it)
    3. Deep conditioning using heat cap – with Macadamia Natural Oil Care & Treatment Nourishing Moisture Masque (Heart it!!) and my usual’s (ORS HairRepair Nourishing Conditioner and Aunt Jackie’s In control ‘anti poof moisturising & softening’ Conditioner), at this point I will detangle my hair using a wide tooth comb.
    4. Leave in conditioner – Auntie Jackie’s Quench Moisture Intensive Leave In
    5. Mini 2 strand twists using Shea butter

This is how I protect my hair under my wigs, and I redo my twists every week during my wash day.

Works great as a gym hair style too

With my Wig

On a daily basis I spritz water on my hair using a spray bottle and I moisturise my twists with ORS HaiRepair Intense Moisture Crème every other day.

I am really enjoying the simple life that my hair care has taken.

My plan going forward is to keep protecting my ends for the next few months and review my hair care on my next length check which will be end of July.

What protective styles have you been playing with this winter?

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  1. Your protective style is super super cute! I styled my hair exactly the same under my Kurly Klips last fall and it was really helpful for keeping my ends moisturized and protected.

    KLP @