Tuesday, 8 March 2016

2 month natural |14 month post Relaxer

Today marks my 14 month post relaxer day, and 2 months post 'Big Chop'. My feelings have been mixed with my TWA.

 I love it at days and a loath it on others.

At the moment am in a 'long term' protective style, my choice of long protective style this time around has been wigs. - I have cornrows under which I wash every week, and redo every 2 weeks.

My routine has been pretty consistent:

1. Weekly deep conditioning

2. Moisturising every other day

The new things in my regimen is the increase use of coconut and Shea butter to moisturise my hair.

Am not a fan of coconut oil during the winter (it's solid state), but I can't lie about how great coconut oil has been in my life.

I have also been using the denman brush to detangle my hair.

The first time I used this I noticed that my braid out was softer and fluffier ( less defined) as usual. Am pretty sure it's to do with my detangling method as that the only procedure that has changed with my hair.

What am loathing about my hair:

1. Evening prepping time - if I don't peep my hair the night before, then all hell breaks loose

2. No bun life - oh I miss my quick buns, sniff sniff

3. The questions - what's going on with your hair, it's short, then long, then short again.

Have a look at my current 2 go to wigs

The Bang life

My trusted wig

Happy Hair Journey's Ladies :o)

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