Thursday, 21 March 2013

Results of my relaxer last week

So I finally broke my 3 month stretch on the 14th of March!! I was suppose to have relaxed my new growth in the final week of February however, I ended up in hospital for a good 2 weeks in February and my hair suffered badly while there, there was no moisturising or shampoos, I just didn't have the strength.

But Thank God am well and out and about now!

My pictures below of my stretch

Post relaxer after 3 months
3 months post relaxer, after spraying a conditioner mix to tame the growth
For my relaxer I used my trusted usual ORS No-Lye normal strength and I had my mum quickly apply the relaxer to my new growth. I left the relaxer on for about 12-15 mins max. This was my first attempt at texlaxing my hair.

See my results below.

For my next relaxer I will put so sweet almond oil to slow down the processing of my relaxer as I will be self relaxing, so I need to buy myself some time!

My texlaxing process:

1. I applied Vaseline on my scalp
2. I applied Tresemme deep conditioner on my already relaxed hair
3. I texlaxed my hair for 12-15mins and rinsed it off with the ORS neutralising shampoo and applied ORS Hair Mayonnaise
4. I air dried my hair in a ponytail and moisturised the scalp with sweet almond oil and sealed my hair with ORS Carrot Oil
After relaxer state
Post relaxer, air drying in a pony tale
After my relaxer

How was your relaxer day?

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  1. Glad you are doing fine....Your results looks great, keep up the good work!