Saturday, 5 October 2013

Wash Day - 4 Weeks post

I have been getting inspired again with blogs and Youtube and decided I need to get off my back side and carry on, on a STRONG hair journey. This week I have had an itchy scalp so it was time for a clarifying wash.

1. Sectioned my hair in 4 and applied grape seed oil to my scalp and length and left it in 2 plastic bags for an hour or so.

2. I finger detangled my hair and shampooed it with TREsemme split end remedy shampoo

3. I then used black tea rinse in  spray bottle and targeted my scalp, let the tea run out of my hair then applied TREsemme Split end remedy conditioner for 5 mins and rinsed it off.

4. T-shirt dried my hair for 10 mins and then applied the APH steaming conditioner mixed with honey and put a plastic bag and heat cap for 2 hours and then rinsed off the DC.

5. T-shirt dried my hair for 15 mins and the detangled my hair with Aussie Hair Miracle insurance leave in conditioner and TREsemme split end remedy leave in.

6. Roller set my hair and left the rollers on for the rest of the day, blow dried my hair for 15 mins and took down and rolled my hair, and mimicked a Saran wrap.

1. Shedding - I think my shedding is normal I saw a picture of my shedding pre black tea rinse days and it's normal for me, the black tea did not change my shedding pattern 

2. Honey and DC - this I will do going forward, thought the con am using is so bad, going to throw away the rest of it. It has zero slip.

3. TREsemme split end remedy - the shampoo was very stripping I wouldn't use it again, conditioner wasn't anything special, the leave in was the only product I liked, however I was using sample packed and I haven't seen the retail versions in store yet.

4. Roller set - this is the first roller set this month. I finished it off with a Saran wrap. Overall happy with the results. My hair will be manageable for the rest of the week.

Happy Hair Journey Ladies! :)

'Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.' - Edgar Alln Poe


  1. My scalp was itchy too. I think this is a thing at 4 weeks post. I clarified my hair too. I like the look of your hair after taking down the rollers. Mine never looks that good :). All the best.

    1. Itchy scalps, must be a 4 weeks post thing, all the great new growth pushing out hehe. I used to be able to style roller set, but I can't don't it anymore, I just comb it out and moisturise my hair. I find the rollers stretch out my hair and it makes it more manageable during the week. You roller set after your relaxer was really good!

  2. Don't you just hate stripping shampoo's. Try diluting it in a spray bottle or applicator bottle to see if its less harsh. I'm doing that for my Aussie Moist Shampoo. It's awesome you are sticking to your goals, you are encouraging me to do a roller set, perhaps soon.

  3. I think this is the wrist stripping feeling I have ever experienced, and that was with prepoo, never again. I think that shampoo would have really benefitted from being diluted, I'll try it next clarifying time! Go for it try out a roller set, though your flexirods are really cute!