Thursday, 30 January 2014

Midweek Hair Update

DC blend

As I was having issues with dry hair last week, I blended in oils and glycerin with my DC treatment for my Saturday wash day. I have not used glycerin or honey with my DC for a while. I was pleased I incorporated it in my wash day, and with this harsh winter weather I will be adding glycerin to my DC treatments all the time

Rosemary tea rinse

I did a rosemary tea rinse on my Saturday wash day. Since incorporating rosemary into my wash day I have not had any issues with my scalp, I will continue to do tea rinses going forward, and I feel the benefits for me have been more for my scalp, I have not noticed any changes with my hair.

Tension blow drying method

I really loved the results of this during my wash day, my hair dried in a different way to when it is air dried, and it retained moisturise better as well, compares to air drying!

It did require more working time on my hair which I did not like but who said being on a hair journey would be a walk in the park!

I am still looking for ways to finish off my hair after wash days (drying methods), so I am willing to try other methods.


My goals have gone well this month, will put up a month end goal review soon. The one goal I am extra proud about is how I have managed to start exercising, so happy! I have been running 3 times a week. Yesterday it was raining but I still went running in the rain, now if that is not commitment I don’t know what is, I am really enjoying this new habit I have picked up!


So I have just discovered that the hair at the back of my head is actually very low in porosity! This has been an amazing discovery for me, as now I will approach it differently. The things I noticed were:

1.        It took my relaxer so long to process it, it is the most textured of my hair

2.        It takes forever to get any products to penetrate, this includes conditioners, and moisturisers, but once I get it right it stays moisturised throughout the week

3.        It takes longer for the hair at dry

I feel like I have embarked on a whole new hair journey as I discover how I treat my hair. The back of my hair has always suffered due to the lack of knowledge.

Overall, it has been a good hair week, my hair has been moisturised well throughout the week!

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)

“ If you look for perfection, you'll never be content. ” - Leo Tolstoy 

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