Friday, 21 February 2014

Mid-week Hair Update


It’s been another super doper week with my hair. My Bantu Knot Out was a success and my hair moisture levels were also a success. I did not have for a week long PS, as I wanted more contact with my hair. I think I will avoid week long PS during winter as the hair that is hidden becomes very dry by the end of the week, and is prone to breakage.


My monthly goals are going great thus far. I will be dropping the week long PS for reasons stated above. Otherwise, M&S regularly – check; Cook two new dishes a month – check; exercise twice a week – check!

Blow drying on cool

I have been trying to keep heat out of my regimen for this stretch and so far I am happy to report I have not used direct or indirect heat for 6 weeks! I have tried the tension method of blow drying which gave me great results, but it did make my wash day a little longer.

Last week, I blow dried my hair with cool air, using no technic, just random. Then, I detangled my hair. When my hair was still damp but not really wet, like 90% dry, I M&S, then installed BKO. I really loved the way my hair felt and looked after blow drying on cool! I have never really liked the way my hair feels when I air dry it and honestly I really loved the results I got from blow drying on cool , it was quick and my hair was easier to detangle. This also pushed me to M&S in sections as I was detangling my hair in smaller sections. This was a win. I was able avoid going to bed with wet hair and with future wash days I will avoid walking around with wet hair and getting frizzy hair from air drying!


My goodness, has the weather been bad or has the weather been bad! Thanks to insanity I am able to bring my exercise indoors! But I do enjoy my outdoor jogs. I have only been out jogging once last week and once this week and supplementing my missed jogging days with insanity. It is really true that, if you wait for the weather, you will be waiting a really long time, so for now I will continue with my jogging and switch it up for insanity when the conditions are just too crappy.

How has your week been?

Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies! :o)

‘Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.’ – Leo Tolstoy


  1. Oh no! I'm the total opposite with week-long PS. My hidden hair remains super moisturized. Congrats on your goals, you seem to be doing really well.

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

    1. I think I have unlocked the keep of moisturised hair while ps, bagging! Have had my style in for 3 days now!

  2. I also don't get very good results with week-long PS and i decided that maybe its something i can look at in the future when my hair is longer. Your week seemed quite a success. Sorry about the weather. I live within the tropics so the weather is not so harsh.

    1. Oh what I would give for sunshine everyday!
      I think week long ps might make another appearance for me, trying bagging with my ps and my hair was moisturised through out the day