Friday, 18 July 2014

Custom Wig Review

About 3 months ago, I decided to get the 12" weave I had made into a wig.

I found a stylist that could do it for me, looking at her past work I was convinced I would get a really good wig out of her.

So I contacted her and made inquires then I measured my head and shipped my hair over to her, I opted for the 10 working day service.

As I had my wig maybe over the Easter period it did take longer but nonetheless 10 working days.

When I got it, I will not lie I wasn't very impressed. I ordered it with comb attachments but I didn't get them attached but had then included in post package but in a way I could not easily attach them myself. 

Also the wig did not fit to my measurements, for that I have taken the blame, maybe I had not given accurate measures. 

The way the hair was layered has my left side longer than my right, and there is a hump like effect at the crown on my head, my thoughts were because my own hair wasn't tucked in too well, but looking at it more it's because the size is too small and it gathers at the crown. 

Anyway despite all this, I told myself to make the most if it, I have already paid for it and lessons have been learnt for future wigs. 

Closure - 3 way closure

To correct the size and comb problem I used hair pins at the back and sides of my head, this has helped keep my wig in place. I will look at buying wig combs and attaching them in the future.

Hair pins added to edges of wig

For the weird layering I just try curling it and fluffing it out.

All in all it's a wearable wig, but next time I will not use the postal service and go there in person.

The wig

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)

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  1. Sorry about the iffy results, at least you're making the most of it.
    I nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award here

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you for the Sunshine Blogger award nomination! I have finally come around to completing it and will publish it soon!