Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Quick Wash Day Recap & Hair Update

Hi ladies, been MIA for a while, been so busy with work. I am not slowly re-surfacing.

I am currently 15 weeks posts yay, and it has been ok really, still debating if I am touching up at 16 weeks, my goal was to stretch to 14 weeks, goals has been achieved and broken.

I have really been enjoying my hair, had BKO, twists, flat twists, twist out you name it!! So am happy there.

My wash days have been pretty standard

[1] Coconut oil pre poo

[2] Shampoo hair

[3] Deep conditioner with either ORS Replenshing or ORS HaiRepair DC (loving this stuff yay to balanced DC)

[4] Rinse, t-shirt dry, leave in conditioner and heat less style

Easy breezy wash days = happiness :D

The elasticity of my hair is amazing it really did show me how much texture I have in my texlaxed hair, the weird thing is I am not even having detangling issues, I spend 10 minutes max on wash days detangling…now I either have a matted mess in there somewhere or my hair and I are on the same team .

So if you follow me on Instagram @another.relaxed.chic you would have seen some of the styles I rocked during my blog hiatus, but here they are below.


Also I will be making a tutorial of the huge, high messy bun I did 2 weeks ago soon.

Though I have been quiet I have been stalking you guys are usual!

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)

Has anyone else tried ORS HaiRepair DC?

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‘If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.’ – Marcus Aurelius


  1. I need to try that DC, it sounds amazing. Loved your curly do's.

    1. I am completely in love with ORS new HairRepair Conditioner, though the smell is really strong and tends to linger.

  2. I stalk you too. Even when I don't comment, be sure i read all of your posts :). I love all three styles.


    1. Thanks Evalyne, it's great to have you back, I really did notice your absence!

  3. Yess the braidout is really cuuute and funky :)
    you guys can check out me and my friend's new blog hairlengthreality.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Abbii! I checked out your blog and you have made such great progress, wishing you all the best in your journey!