Sunday, 10 August 2014

Huge 'some what messy' Bun Tutorial

I did this bun a few weeks ago it started off from an old twist out and the end result was

Results of a few mistakes

this, due to a few mistakes. So I tried to replicate it see tutorial below.

What you will need 

Hair pins, scarf of choice and an old stocking/tights

I started off with 4 twisted sections and using the old stocking I tied it around my head as below.

decide the size of you bun, mine will be very big so this is where the tight will stop

It will end up looking like this 

The outsides of the bun will be here

Undo the twists and form a rolled perimeter around the stocking with hair clips 

Roll a clip hair around the stocking to form your bun

The rest of the hair will form your bun around your initial shape

The end results

At this point if you have an old twist out the shape of the bun will be textured with your curl, my hair didn't take up the twists I had in.

Then you can accessorise with your favourite hair scarf or flower 

Scarf accessory

The back

Or with a bigger brighter scarf 

Another scarf 

There you have it the mega huge some what messy bun if you have a while defined twist out. 

Happy hair journeys Ladies!! :o) 


  1. Love the bun Yvonne, so gorgeous x

  2. I need to try this, so simple and chic!

  3. Cuuuute! I'm going to try this. Thanks for the tutorial

  4. Life saver I was just about to YouTube messy bun tutorials! It's like you were reading my mind lol!

    1. Hehe, I did read your mind! Let me know how it comes out!

  5. I really love this bun! I think I will try to recreate it during my next wash day!

  6. Loving the bun! Such a great hairstyle and love the different hair accessories with it!

  7. This bun is awesome, Yvonne!