Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey Ladies!!

I have been nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award!

To Acknowledge the nomination I have to link it back to the lovely ladies that nominated me Keoshia of Miss Doing MSandra of Naija Girl Next Door, Eva  of Curly Eva of, Miranisa of Ms. Direction. A big thank you all for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Share 11 random facts about myself by answering the questions that the nominating blogger has created for me.

List 11 bloggers to nominate
Let the 11 nominated bloggers know
Post 11 questions for the blogger I nominate to answer.

So as I have 4 sets of 11 questions, I will be answer 3/2 questions from each nomination :D

Keoshia’s questions

1.  What are three things that you do everyday that make you totally happy?

Hmm… I think the first is knowing I am awake therefore still alive. Second would be talking to all my loved ones and knowing they are all ok and having a great day. Finally wearing my smile!

2. If you could pick anywhere to live for one year (can’t be your current location, has to be somewhere else), where would you go and why?

Bora Bora Island!! Beach and sunshine

3. What do you see right now, yes right now, lol! 

My partner’s laptop as am typing out this post and in my peripheral view is the TV ;)

Sandra’s Questions

4. What's the most touching thing you've ever watched/read/heard/seen?

Nowadays it’s the daily news, geez, can’t take all the sad things that are happening around the world. :( 

5. If not your present career choice, what else would you be doing with your life?

When I was young I wanted to work in a lab making/designing cosmetics, weird career choice

6. When someone upsets you, would you a) stew silently and later forget about it, or b) air it out quickly and be done with it

I am more of a stewer and then will talk about it after, I tend to over think situation, and try to analyse if I was in the wrong. Learning to let things go


7. What is your current hair length?

APL, hoping for BSL before my wedding day in 2015

8. When did you start your hair journey?

Started last year January 2013


9. What inspired you to start a blog

My blog was started as a way to document my hair journey and connect to the healthy hair community.

10. Who is your biggest supporter?

My biggest supporters are my family (Mum, sister and my fiance) and my healthy hair community sisters!!

11. If you could live anyone’s life for one day, who would it be? Why?

There are so many people I would want to be, for their drive and passion and discipline I would want to be an athlete, and for the gossip I want to be Beyonce

Thank you again for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)


  1. Bora Bora is an inside fantasy of mine. I MUST visit there one day.

    1. You and me both....hmmm I will carry on day dreaming in the meantime! heheh

  2. Awww great answers. I think it was a fabulous idea to answer questions from each person. Thanks for answering mine :) You are so right about the news...
    I'm rooting for you to meet your hair goal before your wedding!

    1. Thanks Sandra! am scared of length checking in case am miles away!

  3. Yvonne Great post, thanks for excepting the award, I am not surprised you were pick more than once! lol! It was very fun getting to know you!

    1. Aww so sweet of you Keoshia! Thanks for picking me!