Sunday, 20 January 2013

Here goes another relaxed chic

Today is the 16/01/2013 been reading a lot of hair blogs and thought I should share my journey inspired by the blogs of my fellow relaxed sisters 'just grow already' and 'the awkward hair stage'. I currently have a weave on which I have had since the 21st of December, am about to wash it today, with my usual herbal essence shampoo and conditioner when I have a weave. Afterwards am going to air dry it, when it's almost dry I will put my herbal essence serum and flexrods.

With the hair that is left outside I will use a deep conditioner olive oil and will use coconut oil for the ends and wrapping mousse from olive oil and will set it with curlers.

My last relaxer was on 1st December 2012, so I am 7 weeks between relaxers and I am planning on stretching it to 12 weeks so am planning to relax on the 22nd February 2013.

I plan to remove my weave on 8th February and have an intensive tlc hair treatment for 2 weeks before relaxer. I have been reading up on conditioner treatments so am planning on a hask henna n placenta treatment, will write a review after I try it

So thar's the plan!!!


  1. Here are a few African relaxed hair blogs that I love that you might enjoy as well!

    1. Thank you. This will be amazing for motivation!!