Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hair competitions entries

I have joined the GAHL length retention competition from the 01.02.2013 to 01.08.2013 it's a 6 months challenge. Rules are relaxers once every 3 month ( am waiting till 1st March for my 3 months mark) also 90% protective styling and no trimming, also once a month heat pass. This is my first challenge in my healthy hair journey so am looking forward to joining to hair going community. This challenge is opened to both relaxed and natural sisters!!

I am also going to take part periodically in the protective style challenge hosted my ebonyprincess! As I missed the start dates I will just jump in when I try out a protective style!

I am also thinking oh hosting a caster oil thickness and growth challenge from the 01.04.2013 for 3 months till 01.07.2013. At the moment I use sweet almond oil and I do love it, I have seen my growth has increased and my nape hair had blossomed. The 3 months of me using sweet almond oil will end on the 19.03.2013 then I will do a review of it. So far am very excited about this challenge and HHJ(healthy hair journey)

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