Monday, 28 January 2013

Weave wash day

Ok so today is my weave wash day. I last washed it 2 weeks again. It is unravelling and not in the best of weave condition but am hoping to give it a little bit of life for the next week until I undo it.

So I will oil my own hair with olive oil, this is the hair left out, and I will shampoo my weave and under hair will herbal essence hello hydration range, I will mix the conditioner and the shampoo together. I have put the product in a nozzle bottle and watered it down a bit, to make it easier to get to the hard to reach cornrow areas. After my wash I will towel dry my weave and hair and then air dry it. I will moisturise my cornrow with my sweet almond oil and massage it in (when dry) i twisted my front hair while it was still wet and air dried it in that way.

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