Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's weave care time!!

I love love love wearing my weaves, but they really need to be worn well to keep stimulating hair growth and to have a healthy scalp. I tend to wear my hair for about 8 weeks, my last weave wasn't really done well and the thread is unravelling so I might have to call it quits at 6 weeks!! Ok these are the things that we all need to consider with wearing weaves.

1. Never put on a weave the same day as your relaxer, I have been so guilty of this not any more. Leave at least 2 weeks between weaving and relaxing.

2. If your hair is shedding don't weave it, it needs treatment, either deep conditioning or a black tea rinse. Another good product is peppermint oil if stops the shedding, 3 drops in your carrier oil will be so beneficial.

3. Wash your weave at least once or twice a month (every fortnight)

4. You should still moisturise your hair. Use a nozzle bottle to get in between the cornrows and massage the oil in. As the oil can travel up the weave moisture twice a week on the braided hair and every other day on the hair left out.

5. Avoid relaxing the hair left out, or treating it with heat very often. Try wrapping the hair instead or use ORS edge control.

4. Avoid using glue to for your weave. This weakens the bond between relaxer and new growth, and if you don't get it removed professionally you might lose a lot of hair from poor removal.

5. You can still condition your hair with your weave, so do it!!

6. Never relax your hair on the same day you remove your weave, deep condition it and use a chelating and clarifying shampoo for any product build up during the time you wore your weave, a good chelating and clarifying shampoo is ORS Aloe Shampoo.

7. Use an oil for moisturising instead of a greasy this will avoid product build up.

8. Always wrap your hair at night.

Ok I use Brazilian hair which I find is easier for washing the hair as it doesn't tangle, and I air dry my weave after every wash, and roller set my outside hair.

Happy weave wearing! X

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