Monday, 13 May 2013

9 weeks post - quick wash day

As I am between flats it has been difficult for me to have a co wash day as wanted last week. 

This week I had a quick wash day.

1. Prepooed with herbal essence hello hydration on my length and JBCO on my scalp.

2. I sat with the product on my hair for an hour with my silver conditioning cap.

3. I detangled my hair before washing it. The conditioner has a really great slip and made my hair so soft 

4. I washed the prepoo off and washed with my tresemme low sulphate shampoo twice in 3 sections. Just washing at the roots

5. I then applied my aunt's kerapro intense repair mask for 10 mins.

6 I washed off the mask and towel dried my hair.

7. I then bunned it and left it to air dry all afternoon.

8. Finally in sections of 4 I moisturised with olive oil moisturiser and sealed with JBCO

I must say my hair was so manageable and felt so fluffy and soft. This is the best condition my hair has been, now am not sure if its coz of my vinegar rinse last week or the herbal essence prepoo, or the kerapro conditioner!!! I will have to investigate and find out! 

My hair is light and soft and 'flies with the wind' :) 

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