Friday, 3 May 2013

Braids are out - hello DC

I had my braids just under a month in my hair. They were self done so am really proud of myself. As am starting a new job next week thought fresh look and take advantage of the time I have.

The process today:

1. Removed my braids and put them in twist sections. I was spraying my homemade moisturiser to make detangling easier.

2. After I detangled the twisted sections I had. This was easy breezy, for the first time ever I have been really good with taking care of my hair while in braids and I really didn't lose a lot of hair as I usually do.

3. I proceeded to wash my hair with ORS Aloe Shampoo that had been diluted and had a bit of conditioner added to it. My aim was to clarify my hair. I haven't clarified since my hair journey started in January.

4. After my shampoo I sprayed my ACV rinse on my hair. To make this I used cider vinegar 4 tablespoon and a few drops of peppermint essential oil and filled up the spray bottle with water.

5. I let the rinse drip off my hair and removed excess water then added my DC on top. My deep conditioner was ORS hair mayonnaise with coconut oil and Argan oil and a little bit of sweet almond oil.

6. I left the DC to sit on my hair for an hour and washed it off with cool water. This time round I deep conditioned with a conditioning cap, a head scarf and a few plastic shower caps, I could really feel my hair heating up in there. So am going to get more conditioning caps, not ready to spend over £100 on a steamer just yet.

7. After washing off my conditioner and ACV rinse I wrapped a towel on my head for 30 minutes and sprayed my homemade moisturiser, and proceeded to detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb.
Oh my!!! The tangles in my hair my my, this journey just got real! It's a combination of having been in box braids, 7 weeks post and I didn't shampoo in 4 braided sections!! Never again, 4 section braided make a huge difference.

8. I left it out to air dry. I moisturised and sealed my hair with ORS carrot oil and sealed with argan oil and coconut oil, and put 6 Bantu knots and got my silk bonnet and headed to bed.

9. Tada, results if my wash day below. Super pleased, first Bantu knot out. My hair was still slightly damp but loved the results. Next time will try it in dry hair.

Will my new goals, I will be performing a co wash on Wednesday. Also have no thought on the ACV rinse, apart from more tangles I can't say I noticed anything different with my hair. :/ might do it for a month period to see the difference if anything.

Happy Hair journey!

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