Friday, 17 May 2013

Hair entry

Yeah me finally moving into my new flat in Saturday, can't wait to settle in an get my hair regime back!

I have a few plans up till I get my relaxer on the 14th June, this will make the end of a 12 week stretch (3 months). My new growth has not been too bad,  but I can't wait for my hair to look relaxer again.

The things I would like to do before my relaxer

1. Wash day and DC this Sunday 
2. Co wash mid week on the Wednesday. And DC
3. I would like to try amla or any other India clay product. I know this breaks my not buying products in May :/ 
4. I have decided to make it easier for me to do my hair I will prepoo with my DC therefore I don't need to step in and out the shower :) 

9 weeks post relaxer and 3 more weeks till my relaxer/telax and using my flat iron first time in 6 month that will be :) yeah me. Will dust my ends and have a length check.

Happy hair growing ladies 

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