Thursday, 30 May 2013

Review of May goals, setting June goals

We are coming to the end of the month, and here is a quick review of the goals in the month!

1. Drink a litre of water a day – I believe I was better than last month, but I definitely did not drink a litre each day. I think this month I will make sure I drink a litre in the morning so that I am set for the day, and anymore water I drink is an addition, so hello 6.30 wake ups!

2. Co washing – I completely failed on this goal, I did not co-wash month I will have to have this in again but it will be to try a co-wash in the month, I need to see if I will like it!

3.Try vinegar rinse – I tried it out very early in the month, I did not notice any difference after I had done it but a few days later, my hair was sooooo soft and flowy!! I can only put it down to the vinegar rinse. I will probably do it once a month, when I feel my hair needs it.

4. Avoid buy products – Well, you would have know from my earlier postings that I failed on this so early on by buying the walnut oil, and bought Aussie Conditioner, which I am so happy that I did, new favourite this month

1.        1 litre of water a day

2.        Try out a flex rod set

3.        Weekly DC

4.        M&S twice a week

Hope your May goals were better done than mine!