Monday, 3 June 2013

12 weeks post

I have finally reached it 12 weeks post! I was going to relax my hair next week at 13 weeks post a round 3 months figure but I have decided you know what I have been super good so far 12 weeks should be a good enough mark!

So my plan is to relax my hair at home on Thursday (or the weekend), will document what I do during my relaxer and will be length checking my hair as well, my last length check had me at APL, am hoping for a full APL length and health ends.  I am also due for a mini trim/dusting.

Learning posts from the past stretch

1.  DC always, even twice weekly (though I never attempted it once)
2. Tea rinses were really good for shedding, further down in my stretch, I noticed more hair shedding, I need to keep on with the tea rinse, or try coffee rinses.
3. M&S more often!
4. Break my stretch with a new hair style like I did with my box braids.

I am planning to stretch for 4 months this time around, that will be 16 to 17 weeks post relaxer, but will see with how my hair feels, also I plan on using Paul Mitchell’s super skinny treatment, as the whole world raves about it.

Till my relaxer, hhj folks

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