Tuesday, 18 June 2013

First blog request!

I got my very first blog request off Stephanie from a post I did in March when I was 3 months post relaxer, I had a protective style on. I have been asked to make a tutorial of this protective style. I have never done videos before I have included the link to the Youtube clip that I got the style from. I have also attached my results below :-)
This had inspired me to try doing my own tutorials of protective styles which I will posting.

In words......
Step 1 – Section the front of your hair with a side parting.
Step 2 – With the larger side of the parting, section enough hair for a 2 strand cornrow
Step 3 – With the remaining hair tie it up in a pony tail as you work on your two strand cornrow in the front, make sure you put the ponytail towards the side of where the two strand cornrow will end as you will be connecting the ends
Step 4 – secure your two strand cornrow.
Step 5 – Now we will be making the bun (you can use extensions to make a thicker bun, I will just use my hair) Section the pony tail in 3 equal section, twist the first section and wrap it round the ponytail to make a bun
Step 6 – Twist the other hair using the 2 strand method and wrap it around the opposite side to the other strand to make a bun
Step 7 – For the third section twist use the same 2 strand twisting method and then take the end of the two strand cornrow you have done in the front and continue twisting them together, after this, secure this among the bun you have now created.
Step 8- to make the hair style all clean, you can use gel for the fronts and place it under a hair scarf to flatten you fronts.
Step 9 – after 10 minutes your hair should be all done and ready for the world!
This is how mine turned out!

Happy Hair Journeys ladies!

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