Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wash day - 1 week post relaxer

1. Pre poo – 15 mins with warmed up castor oil under a heat cap with a blow dryer

2. Shampoo hair - Shampooed hair twice with Tresemme low sulphate vibrantly smooth shampoo

3. Black tea rinse – Using 3 black tea bags I boiled the tea let it cool down and rinsed my hair with it 4 to 5 times, catching the run-off and rinsing again
Deep conditioning – I used ORS Hair Mayonnaise and mixed it with 3 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of lavender essential oil, and Argan oil.  I sat with my heat cap and using my blow dryer heated my hair for 1 hour 30minutes. ( 30 mins with heat)

4. Cool water rinse – to finish off I rinsed my hair with cool water and used Aussie 3 minute conditioner, towel dried my hair

5. Leave in conditioner – For my leave in conditioner I used Aussie Moist Leave in Conditioner and detangled my hair with a wide tooth comb, also sprayed my home made moisturiser 

6. Styling – I two strand twisted my hair in sections and secured it with flexirods and let it air dry, I also cut off 1/2 an inch from the ends 

7. M&S – I moisturised the following day with Phil Smith ArganOil Moisturiser (I got this free with my Cosmopolitan magazine, and has been working really well, it a water creamy based hair lotion, I have been looking for some in the stores but haven’t been able to find any!), and sealed with castor oil.

2 products I am in need of: 
1) Hooded dryer, 2)Hair protectant

A treatment my hair is in need of: 1) Trim

What am liking in my hair journey:

1) Tresemme shampoo, I have come to rely and trust this product, I used to used ORS Aloe Shampoo on a constant basis so that is all I am comparing to really, will be doing a review of it soon

2) Black tea rinses – this has really helped me significantly reduce shedding and breaking I believe, will be writing about my experience of black tea rinses soon
What I would like to try:

ACV rinses – I have done this once before and I thought it work really well I will have to start it again and be more consistent with it to see if it’s of benefit

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies!! :-)

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  1. I can't wait to read more about your experiences with black tea rinses (and ACV rinses, too). I did a black tea rinse once, really liked how it reduced my shedding, but didn't do it again. I can't remember why I stopped :( Maybe I should give it another shot!

    1. I really love th results of black tea rinses, am planning on trying coffee rinses as they have more caffeine. But they are a miracle worker for shedding!! My shedding was terrible!

      Will keep you updated on how they go.

      Thanks for reading!