Saturday, 8 June 2013

Relaxer day

This relaxer day was an emotional day for me, my hair did not look or feel how I thought it did.

In my head my hair is healthy and growing, but after my relaxer and my first flat iron in 6 months I was not happy with my thin ends, the brittleness of my hair,  my hair was/is breaking and badly at that! now I know my hair is lacking moisture! Also looking at my ends am really wanting to cut them all off, I recouped myself M&Sed in the morning and high bunned my hair. My plan of action is simple to get my hair to a good state

1. Deep condition twice a week at least 15 mins heat cap treatment 
2. Prepoo with an oil 
3. Use moisture based conditioners and shampoos
4. Moisturise and seal every other day!
5 No direct heat, pass only on relaxer days
6. Use my hair spritz every day
7 bunning, bunning, bunning and wearing an instant weave 

I will not be trimming my ends at the moment because I don't think I have split end just thin ends and will start cutting an inch off every month until I get fuller ends

Any suggestions? 


  1. Hi there! I came across your blog from Fancy Flair Lady!

    I suggested to her to help combat breaking and thin ends, I have used a semi-permanent hair gloss (I used Redken Shades EQ and Clairol Radiance Colorgloss). My ends were the bane of my HHJ, but once I slapped some of this stuff on my porous ends, I saw breakage greatly reduced! I put this stuff on my hair about a month after my relaxer (I relax every 12-14 weeks). For the most part, I M&S daily! I may skip and day here and there, but that's rare! I think it has really helped be keep a full hemline, which is my ultimate goal!

    Good luck to you! I will be following your progress!

    1. Hi! Thanks for following me! I actually read your blog, I found it about a month again, and was drooling over your thick hair!!! Is the hair gloss like hair colour and change the composition of my hair? I will try anything to help me with my thin breaking ends! Will be research the 2 glosses you stated.I correctly use a henna based conditioner, if that equivalent?

      Thanks for following my blog, and good luck with your journey!