Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hair Dreams.....ZzzzZzzzZzzz

For my next relaxer day which is scheduled for the 29th August that will be 12 weeks post relaxer (Thinking about stretching for an extra week maybe 13 weeks, making it gradual. My last stretch made me lose quite a bit of hair, so
I will be stretching with caution. My dreams for 11 weeks for now:

1.       I am bra strap length; I think I am 3 inches away from BSL so I can only hope, 1 inches of growth each month!

2.       My ends are thicker than at my last relaxer, I know this will be something I will attain over time as I cut my ends. But I will still be monitoring it

3.       More flowy hair, during my last relaxer my hair was dry and crunchy and brittle (hence the breaking) this time round I really want to have a lock down on the overall health of my hair!

4.       No more shedding!! I was pretty much in tears during my last relaxer; my hair was just dropping off!!!

5.       If all is going well try and stretch to 13 – 14 weeks making my relaxer day 5th or 12th September 2013, I am hoping this is the last of my relaxers in 2013 and next relaxer will be when am celebrating my 1 year hairversary, when am hoping I will be MBL, hey it’s a dream, you have to dream big or not dream at all!!  

How I aim to get these goals

1.       DCing! Alternating between moisture and protein

2.       Protective sytling, I think I have this on lock down.

3.       Keep myself rehydrated always

4.       Only use direct heat, after my relaxer days.
5.       M&S, I think this was the reason for my breaking hair just before my relaxer.

6.       Work on keeping the hair pH balance to its normal pH levels, this should help me with shine and flowyness I am after. Next stop researching on how to get my hair’s pH balance on lock down

Happy hair journey ladies :-)

‘Develop your sense of humour’


  1. I enjoyed reading your hair dreams and how you plan to achieve your hair goals. I need to make a note to include a few of my own hair dreams and update my hair stats in my new hair care update this summer (after my next relaxer).

    I need to work on my protective styling-- I see you have that worked out pretty well!

    I wish you the best on your hair journey, lady! Can't wait to read more updates from you =)

  2. Hi Miss Dre, thanks for visiting my blog, its always nice to have people with you on this hair journey!

    I will be interested to hear how your summer goals go to! My protective styling is now a boring two strand twist, but it works, so won't be chaning anytime sooon.

    All the best on your journey!