Saturday, 22 June 2013

How often is too often???

I have been trying to answer this question for myself; ‘how often is too often to wash relaxed hair?’

I have been researching this on the net, and there are women out there that wash their hair every day, or every other day, twice a week, once a week, once every 2 weeks, once a month! So the frequency is different with everyone.
I currently wash my hair once a week, but to help me combat my breaking and shedding hair, I washed my hair twice last week in order to deep condition my hair.

I currently do not co wash, my other co washing experience I have is when ORS Replenishing Conditioner, and it left a coat on my hair, that was before I was on my hair journey, now I know it was probably not the best shampoo to cowash with, and I am thinking of trying out a co wash with my Tresemme conditioner, eventually!

The other thing that needs to be asked if what type of hair do you have, is it oily, dry, sensitive scalp etc. My hair tends to be dry if I have to label it but not too dry, I don’t have an issue with oily scalp.

So how often should I be washing my hair? I have chosen to listen to my hair on this one, and I think once a week is sufficient, how I got to this;

1.     The only products I use between my wash days is my moisturiser and oil for M&S every other day, and my homemade leave in conditioner, this does not really cause a heavy product build up

2.     I use Tresemme Naturals which contains sulphates therefore the more I use it the more stripping it will be on my hair, I have now purchased a sulphate free shampoo by L’Oreal which I will be trying and reviewing. To be honest as sulphate shampoos are all I have ever used I can’t comment on the difference, but hey its science!

3.     I don’t have an active lifestyle therefore I don’t tend to sweat my hair out, therefore the need for washes more than once or twice a week would not be necessary for me.

4.     As I don’t have oily hair my dry hair will mean my hair oils get stripped off more often if I wash more than once a week

5.     The more I wash my hair the more manipulation I will be subjecting my hair to

6.     Past experience, my hair was alright with once a week washes

7.     Lifestyle and plan laziness, I know for a fact that I would love washing and DCing my hair twice a week, but let’s face it after work the thought of prepooing, washing, tea rinsing, DCing and washing again, detangling and then drying is not for the fate hearted! Let me keep it simple!

I think once a week washes will be good enough for me! And will wash more if I feel my hair and scalp are in need for it, but for now boy am I happy I will not be washing my hair tonight!

Happy Hair Journeys ladies :-)

‘Avoid negative people’

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