Sunday, 9 June 2013

Breaking hair!!!

Argh!!! My hair is consistently breaking and shedding I am losing so much hair I am surprised I haven't gone bald yet.

I am thinking I have a protein overload :( I don't even know how, I haven't used any strong protein treatments! Sniff sniff. And to make it worse I think my hair line is dropping off too! Oh this hair journey has seen me have my worst hair condition, I really need to cut it but its killing me :(

This week I will try find Jenijen's most raved about Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Treatment, as it helped her with her shedding in the past, from reading her older blogs. 

Also I am going to get Vatika deep conditioner, this is a moisturising conditioner.

I will try find some garlic based shampoo.

My plan if action this week

1. Deep condition twice with moisturising conditioner

2. Black tea rinse twice this week

3. M&S every other day

4. Moisturise my hair line every other day with castor oil 

Please help! Hoping it changes soon

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