Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wash day – 2 week post relaxer

This wash day post is a little delayed, it was done on Sunday after my Spa night on the Saturday, have a read to see how it went. I am trying out a new washing method, co washing and a new product Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment, also this wash day I did not pre poo.
1. Co washed hair – Co washed hair twice with Tresemme Natural Rich Moisture Conditioner,

2. Black tea rinse – Using 3 black tea bags I boiled the tea let it cool down and rinsed my hair with it 3 to 4 times, catching the run-off and rinsing again

3. I applied my newly purchased PMSSDT for 5 mins then rinsed it off.

4. Deep conditioning –for I used Vatika Deep Conditioner .  I had my heat cap on for 1.30hrs with no heat. Hopped back in the shower and rinsed it off.

5. Cool water rinse – to finish off I rinsed my hair with cool water and then t-shirt dried my hair

6. Leave in conditioner – For my leave in conditioner I used Aussie Miracle Insurance Leave in Conditioner and detangled my hair with a wide tooth comb

7. Styling – I used flexirods to style my hair. Which I slept with.

8. M&S – I moisturised the following day with ORS Carrot Oil, haven’t used this in a while, and applied castor oil to my edges.

A products I am in need of: 
1) Hooded dryer

A treatment my hair is in need of:
1) After reviewing my hair, I can see my bone straight ends have started falling off from my texlaxed hair, I will schedule a trim at the salon.

What I did I like about this wash day

1)     This wash day I try co washing for the first time on my journey – Do I like it? - Yes, I absolutely loved it, my hair felt soft and moisturised, going forward will be co washing and only use shampoo once a month, therefore, I will cut off pre pooing and only pre poo on shampoo wash days.
2)     I also tried PMSSDT – Do I like it? - Yes, as I used it at the same time at my co wash I can not make out whether it was the co washing or the PMSSDT that was great for my hair! Next week will finish off my tresemme shampoo and will use PMSSDT and see if the results are the same.

Other comments:
It was not my intention not to pre poo, I had done my hot oil treatment and added coffee to it, but when I tried applying this to my hair it was flaking everywhere, think it would have been a better idea to dissolve the coffee in water or just use it as a rinse, so definitely never trying it again, only as a rinse.
My hair felt really fluffy and soft after my wash, the flexirods did not dry well so will try then again. As I used a moisturising conditioner, this could also be the cause of my soft fluffy hair.
My hair was shedding, but I think its more due to the fact that I had not combed my hair all week, therefore this was normal shedding.
Am really happy with the results of the co wash, and this will help me cut down my wash days

Next wash day is scheduled for next weekend and will be a protein treatment with ORS Hair Mayonaise and finishing off my Tresemme Shampoo

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies!! :-)

‘Slow down once in a while, and take time to enjoy all the beauty around you’

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