Monday, 17 June 2013

Hair Waffle

Start of a fresh week, my plans for this week, 2 DCs both with Vatika Deep Conditioner.

I went shampoo shopping over the weekend and I got the L’Oreal No Sulphate shampoo a 250ml bottle for £5.99, this is definitely not as affordable as my usual Tresemme Naturals line, but I thought I should try a shampoo which is sulphate free and has no Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, as these cause porosity in the hair and really strip the hair strands. I also got a heat protectant, this was from the Tresemme line up to 230 degree heat protection, this was a small bottle for £1.89 and finally I got the highly raved about Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment, I really can’t wait to use this! I will be reviewing each of the products I got! Next wash day is Tuesday!

I also loving the thickness of my hair, everyone thinks am going natural!! This obviously means volume volume for me!
Also I have controlled my breaking significantly, I can only put it down to the DCs and the black tea rinse with I plan on continuing with, I will however, cut it down to once a week as opposed to bi weekly with every wash day!

This weekend I also had hair envy, one of my closest friend who is not even on a hair journey has reach mid back length I would say! Super super jealous look at her hair below! She has got this over a few years I would say about 3 years, due to constantly weaving her hair, her hair is ALWAYS in a weave!! Due to this she has achieved maximum length retention, am not sure about the overall health of her hair, as I haven’t seen here hair yet (except in pictures, I can’t really comment on it), but the length is definitely there! This remains me of Ebony from Longing4length and her personal hair challenge. I really thought of getting my weave out as well, but my boyfriend really doesn’t like me in weave *sigh* as he has been very support with everything on the hair journey, I think I should meet him half way! He doesn’t understand why we have more oils in my hair basket than the kitchen but he has nevertheless been super supportive!
I really want my hair to grow! Like now!!!
I removed the split ends from my hair; it was a dusting exercise not a major trim but it made me feel super happy!

Happy Hair Journeys ladies :-)

‘Try to make at least 3 people smile each day, beginning with yourself’

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