Thursday, 7 November 2013


I have been MIA for the last 2 weeks, as I was on holiday in Malawi for my brother’s wedding! It was amazing! Food, dancing and family would do it again!
For my hair I used direct heat twice #yikes!
For my sister in law’s bridal shower (week before wedding) I flat ironed my hair, my relatives were all gasping about my length and asking what I have been doing

From left: younger sister Angela, me, Mum's younger sister (aunt), mum and second cousin Cathy

Throughout the rest of the week, I had it down

Mr pouter himself, my nephew

For the wedding I went to the salon, armed with my hair oil, pre-pooed hair and wide tooth comb and steamed and rolled steam my hair, and then wrapped it for the wedding, it was a bit of a mess for the church in the morning, but worked something out

At church service for wedding with the other half

For the evening do, I flat ironed it. (Believe it or not I have no selfie of me at the evening reception :( ), new goal take more pictures!

For my engagement dinner (get to know the family dinner) below had a braid out

Me, the other half James and my younger sister Angie.

After that I rocked a side bun, the pictures don’t do it justice, but I think it was cute ( with fiancĂ© nephew) 

         With the little nephew

Then on Thursday last week, I washed my hair and blow dried it and I had box braids installed, as I used a protein treatment just 4 days prior to getting my braids installed I did not do another protein treatment.
So this is me for the next 10 weeks, got my hair done for £13.

Box braids, in mum's kitchen making cookies apparently my cookies are the best

That was pretty much me over the holidays. 

Mum's wedding hair was a mini afro
From left: brother's mother in law, my brother thom, my sister in law Sheila, Mum and Dad.

My sister has locks, she swipe them to the side for the wedding, she was a bridesmaid

Side view in the evening 

Toast to the bride and groom! I have a new sister #yeah!
All the kids from both sides minus my dear brother mwai 

Finally for my hair I packed
1. Head scarf 
2. Wide tooth comb
3. Heat protectant
4. Herbal Essence Hello Hydrations hair mask
5. ORS carrot oil

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :-)

‘A bone to a dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.’ – Jack London


  1. Looks like a fabulous time, congrats again!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time congrats on your engagement and for your brother's wedding! I am yet to travel long distance for more than a night on my hair journey but I have an idea of what I would pack just incase:)

    1. Thank you Lydz! It was a great time indeed!

      Good thing you have thought about your night bag! I was happy I brought my own comb and moisturiser, the salons only had tiny tooth combs and mineral oil rich products! Another thing I would take if I did it again is a leave in conditioner.

  3. looks like you guys had fun. i love your sisters locs.