Friday, 15 November 2013

Liebster Award – Take 2

Am so honoured to have been awarded my second Liebster Award, thanks to Tasia from Smooth Cuticles!

As I have already written up on 11 random things about me in an earlier post, I will be addressing Tasia questions in this post.

Tasia from Smooth Cuticles asked…..

[T] Why did you start blogging?

[Y] Well, I started blogging to help me document my hair journey and also interactive with other ladies who had been on hair journeys and achieving amazing results. I honestly did not know or think that black women could grow hair past APL, I really wanted in!

[T] What inspired your hair journey?

[Y] I think the first person I saw on Youtube was actually a naturalista, owner of love naturals, but after watching more videos I stumbled upon prettywitty77, Traycee from KISS and Jeni from Just Grow Already. I really could not believe what these women had achieved and I was inspired, I then found more and more ladies with long amazing hair that was their own hair!

[T] How long do you put post in draft before you post them?

[Y] Haha, not long at all, if I type something that day I will post it by the end of the day, if I have more than one post on one day, I will just schedule the other to be posted later on in the week. I am terrible at proof reading my post. I really do enjoy writing and posting up a new entry.

[T] How do you feel about viewers asking about product recommendation?

[Y] I don’t think I have been asked for a product recommendation before, so not too sure how I would feel about it, the only person who has asked are my non blog world friends. I tried to understand how they thought their hair was doing and feeling and I told them what I thought it needed i.e protein, or moisture, as for products, I told them that they would have to try what suited their hair but gave them 3 sample product names to look at.

[T] How do your family/loved one feel about your blog?

[Y] My family are very supportive about my blog, they recommend it to people and link me on their own blogs and are so helpful when I need their input in terms of photos and just to have a look at my blog. It is always better when the people around you cheer you on.

[T] What is the best hair advice you could give someone?

[Y] Get to know your hair. Give yourself some time to bond. You don’t have to be on a journey but just understanding and embracing your hair, it will be one of the best self-relationship you can ever have. At least it has been for me!

[T] If you could get free products from a company for a year, what company would you choose and why?

[Y] As I am a cheapie girl when it comes to products this will be so wasted on me as I have not delved into the more expensive products *sigh* therefore as of today, I would go for my tried and tested line ORS, I can get my relaxer, shampoo, protein conditioner, moisturisers, not sure they do moisturising conditioner….hmm….but definitely ORS!

[T] Which is better; cake or cookies?

[Y] Definitely cake! I only like cookies when they are hot straight from the oven and maybe when I am having hot chocolate, but cakes are so versatile, and soft! Come on which would you rather have a chocolate fondant and ice cream or a chocolate chip cookie and ice cream? Fondant please!!!

[T] What inspires your post?

[Y] Just my day to day with my hair, or conversations with friends or something I read on the many blogs I follow.

[T] How do you feel when products do not live up to the hype another person loves?

[Y] Oh my hahah, I think I got the most disappointment with my new buy from Herbal Essence, the hair mask ticked all the boxes ingredients wise but oh my, oh my, it was just blah on my hair. I really wanted it to work so badly but it never lived up to all its packaging and words in the ingredients list.

I don’t really go on a product bandwagon so I haven’t really been disappointment due to someone else’s review, most of the stuff I have tried that people raved about actually worked, and got them because I was looking for a similar product.

For my 5 nominees see my earlier post. Thank you for the ladies that have accepted my nominations so far! ;)

Happy Hair Journey’s ladies! :-)

‘To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves’ – Federico Garcia Lorca

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