Thursday, 14 November 2013

Long term protective style – ready for instalment

These are my 3 checklists before and during installation of any long term protective styles on my hair.

1.     Clarify hair and scalp

·         It is harder to thoroughly wash your hair in a long term protective styling, so it vital to clarify before installing.

2.    DC with a protein treatment before installation.

·         Protein treatment strengthens the hair. As your hair will be manipulated during installation it is important to prepare your hair for this process.

3.    Don’t make the braids too small or too tight, as this is likely to damage your hair follicles. Also be careful with glues.

·         Braiding hair too tight or using extensions that are too heavy for the hair to support will surely damage your hair from the scalp. Permanently damaged follicles cannot be repaired. Also be careful with glues as inappropriate use can lead you to pulling out your hairline.


Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :-)


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