Thursday, 17 April 2014

Discovering the already found | Keeping my edges layed

When I was 10 weeks plus post I started using gel to keep my edges flat. The gel did not keep my edges tames for too long. As I texlax my hair, I never really have the after relaxer effect, my hair is always ‘poofy’

Last weekend I got a soft bristle brush to use for taming down my edges. I will never look back. The result this has given me has been amazing.

I have the Eco style gel and a cheapie gel which I got for Wilkinson, however, the results I get with this cheapie gel is much better than the Eco style gel. My edges are never dry; I can use it every single day all week long and not have any issues with flaking or dry hair at all.

This is what I do:

[1] Apply gel to my edges

[2] Using the soft brush bristle brush to comb the gel into my hair (edges)

[3] Place a scarf on my edges hair for 5-10 mins

My edges are layed!!! The soft bristle brush has been one of the best additions to my HHJ.
These edges were like this all day!!

Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies! :o)

‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increase; it will never pass into nothingness.’ – John Keats


  1. I love the way our journeys are so in sync. I do the same thing because texlaxing makes my edges puffy. The only difference is that I wet my edges a little by spraying them with water.

  2. Look at those pretty waves! I start to lay my edges after 10-12weeks post but only if i'm going out because i don't mind my fuzzy edges for everyday.

  3. Ooooh I've never tried Wilkos gel before. Great post Yvonne x