Sunday, 13 April 2014

Relaxer Day #2 2004 (#5 HHJ)

I relaxed my hair on Saturday at 14 weeks posts, as soon as I got a open weekend after 12 week post I pounced on it.

Coated my relaxed hair with Vatika Extreme Moisturising Hair Cream,
Second ingredient Paraffium

Relaxer method was very similar to this only that this time round I sectioned my hair in twist of about 6 in each quarter to make the application process easier. For all DIY relaxer ladies, this has been the best thing I have learnt to date see a full youtube video from the lovely VivHair Therapy Ja

My hair has still maintained a lot of texture, my application time from start to finish was 10 mins and 2 extra minutes so smoothen down the relxer.

I will be having an official length check end of July. But after drying my hair on cool air I had a look at how my length was looking, and I am happy that I have definitely retented length. I am no long grazing APL, I am APL! :)

Sectioned my hair is twists for easy application

Hair after relaxer, loving the thickness

Hair dried on cool. the faded line is where my hair was in January. Official length check
to be done end July 2014
(P.S I will be working on improving my photo quality :))
Happy Hair Journey Ladies.

'He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator.' - Francis Bacon


  1. Whoop Whoop congrats on reaching your first goal! You retained so much texture and the thickness is amazing. 6 more weeks for me to end my stretch.

    1. Woop woop indeed! I was dying to flat iron my hair and really review the length, but will hold it off till July!
      6 weeks is so around the corner, all the best!

  2. Great Relaxer. I love the texture you have going on! :)