Thursday, 24 April 2014

Technique Thursday |Difference porosity levels on the same head.

I generally assumed if you had relaxed hair your hair was most likely HP, due to the chemicals processing of the hair.

I have now come to realise that the front of my hair that is texlaxed is normal porosity level and the back of my hair is LP, my bone straight hair is HP.

The back of my hair therefore tends to be super dry and this has led to me losing the bone straight hair at the back of my head area. This happened at the start of my hair journey. Since understanding this this is what I do differently

·         I apply relaxer to the back of my hair first

·         I always sections my hair to make sure I get enough product all over my hair

·         I use the LOCO method, with the first O as coconut oil, this oil penetrates better into my LP hair at the back, and sealing in with the second O makes sure the moisture that has entered my LP hair stays there.

·         Bagging/GHE – I try doing this at least once a week this helps my LP hair soak in moisture.

·         Add glycerine to my conditioner – glycerine helps the nutrients penetrate into my hair strands.

Since incorporating these new techniques into my regimen, the back of my hair which suffered in the past has improved drastically.

What new things have you discovered about your hair?

Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies

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  1. Knowing your hair's porosity is very important, it helps in your selection of products. I have HP hair and it was the reason why my hair never stayed moisturised for long at the beginning of my journey.

    1. I wish i had know, I haven't exactly mastered the art of product selection for my hair, but i think what i am using is working well! :)

  2. That's great you can spot the difference and know what you need to fix it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Yvonne, thanks for linking up with me. As you may know, I have low porosity hair and it drives me insane. Something so simple as using a mild protein treatment makes my hair freak out. I never gave much thought to if I have varying porosity levels. That's an excellent thought provoking question. I will pay more attention to this in the upcoming weeks. Seems like my entire head repels water though.
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

    1. Thanks for hosting Divachyk. Now that you mention mild protein throwing u out of sync, it explains my protein overload set back and the need for more and more moisture over protein. I can not imagine my front hair behaving like my LP back hair :\ oh this hair and it;s new found mind!