Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wash Day Experience |12 weeks post

This week’s highlight was tackle shedding = black tea rinse

[1] Sectioned hair in 4 and prepooed with coconut oil, each section was then braided.

[2] Put hair in heat cap for 15 minutes, and detangled

[3] DC on dry hair with Vatika Black Seed Deep Conditioner, used heat cap for 2 hours, and detangled, rinsed out the conditioner

 [4] Black tea rinse my hair

 [5] Applied PMSSDT and walnut oil for 5 mins and rinsed

 [6] Rinsed out my hair and t-shirt dried hair for 20 mins.

[7] Sprayed Aussie Hair Miracle Insurance Leave in and coconut oil to each section and left it to air dry for the rest of the day, detangled my hair the next morning, it was still slightly damp

[8] M&S with ORS Carrot Oil and a serum.

[9] PS for this week is a bun using kanekalon braiding hair. This style has been so good to me.

I had some SSK during my detangling session, mainly on my crown area, but not too bad. Next weekend I will be supporting my better half at an Africa Summit with LSE (London School of Economics) so I will put the relaxer off for another week. . My relaxer day will likely be scheduled at 14 weeks post.
My hair has been so manageable and moisturised ever since I reintroduced coconut oil back into my regimen, when I got lazy with coconut oil in the first place I do not know, its a disservice to my hair.

Next week’s wash day focus will be maintaining moisture if I will extend my stretch or protein if I will be relaxing.

How was your wash day? Share your wash day experience every Wednseday at

Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies! :o)

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  1. I need to get back on that coconut oil too. I am glad you had a good experience.

    1. Thanks Nerline, it was a good wash day all in all. Coconut oil for the win!

  2. I ran out of coconut oil a few weeks ago and I keep forgetting to buy more. I've been using olive oil in it's place. Have fun at the Africa Summit! How are you planning to style your hair?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. I haven't used EVOO in a while, it used to be my best friend for a while.
      The LSE Africa Summit was awesome, was graced with a speech from the Ghanian Head of State.
      For my hair I had a braidout, oh man, I thought I looked cute, but looking at pictures I was such a hot mess! So me and braidouts are parting way!

  3. coconut oil is just the best. I have used it through my stretch and its helping out a lot. Enjoy the Africa Summit :)

    1. Now that you mention it, my strecth has been really good, and it might indeed be because of the coconut oil.

    2. And I did enjoy the LSE Africa Summit it was very informative

  4. I love coconut oil too. Its a life saver when detangling. Enjoy the summit and make sure to post photos.

    1. I have never thought about it's detangling abilities! I suspect this is why my strecth has been amazing! Will try putting up a post on the Summit! :)